Life Science Applications

Tudor Health data holds immense potential in its application across various disciplines. Additionally, it can seamlessly integrate with existing data, expanding the scope for detailed and comprehensive analytical options.

Harnessing Electronic Health Records (EHR) data for Holistic Patient Understanding

Leveraging EHR Data for Multifaceted Insights

Through the lens of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Tudor Health’s data solutions elucidate the complex narrative of the patient health care journey.

Our innovative data capture methodologies and flexible business model offer pharmaceutical and biotech companies the means to access and utilize EMR data across a multitude of disciplines and departments, spanning therapeutic areas and diverse sites of care.

These solutions not only enhance EMR data access on a global scale, but also create enriched analytical prospects when integrated with existing claims data and real-world data.

Advancing Health Outcomes with Comprehensive Data Solutions

Global Reach and Versatility for Life Science Applications

Tudor Health’s data solution represents a comprehensive and adaptable tool for accessing and deploying EMR data.

Our global network extends data availability to all regions of the world. This robust offering, built on a foundation of longitudinal clinical data, is applicable across the entire spectrum of life science applications – including commercial use.

As a result, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical company directors, and researchers can harness these insights to promote improved patient outcomes and optimize care outcomes.

Boundless Applications with Integrated Datasets

Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare Data with Open Licensing

With our open, cross-company licensing, Tudor Health’s data solution is within reach for all users within the company, regardless of department or location. When Tudor Health data is integrated with your own data assets, the potential applications become virtually boundless.

Commercial Applications:

Business Development:



Medical Affairs:

Empowering Research Excellence and Holistic Patient Understanding

Innovative Healthcare Data Solutions for Enhanced Insights

Our novel data capture methodologies, extending beyond the traditional “chart pull”, deliver an enhanced view of the medical record. This enriched perspective fosters a more holistic understanding of the patient health care journey. Tudor Health ensures all data comply with current and anticipated laws, regulations, and codes of practice, upholding the highest standards of privacy and security. Our reliable sampling methodologies, reinforced by ongoing physician and patient engagement, ensure a high-quality sample design.

For pharmaceutical company directors, clinical researchers, and healthcare professionals alike, Tudor Health’s innovative life science applications can redefine your approach to healthcare data, facilitating impactful research and superior patient care.