About Tudor Health

Tudor Health brings together expertise from all sides of the life science sector to create a novel approach to capturing and delivering quality patient data.

The First Major Development in International Patient Data in Years

Tudor Health combines expertise and experience with novel methods and a new business model.

Not Drawn from EMR Software

Our data capture is NOT drawn directly from EMR software. This allows us to capture data from institutions with any EMR technology. We establish a strong relationship with individual HCPs to capture data, not a technology link.

Same-patient Longitudinal Records

Our longitudinal data are captured by updating data on the same set of patients. This gives us the opportunity to gradually expand the extent of the data held on each patient, which gives us greater depth of analytical options.

We offer expertly curated EMR data for specialized disease cohorts. Our data allows lifescience professionals to make more informed decisions and improve results in rare and complex conditions.

With our global network and extensive partnerships, we are able to provide access to a greater number of patients across more countries than ever before. This allows for more comprehensive and reliable data to support your research and commercial decisions.

Our team is dedicated to supporting the commercialization and drug development efforts in specialized and niche markets. We provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to help your business navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of these complex markets.

We are revolutionizing the way clinical histories are generated by using a patient-centric approach. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly and accurately capture genotype and phenotype data, providing a complete picture of a patient’s health history. This helps lifescience professionals make more informed decisions.

Unlike traditional, monolithic systems, Tudor Health offers a more flexible and targeted approach to disease cohort analysis and monitoring. Our innovative technology allows us to quickly and accurately identify and track specific disease cohorts, providing valuable insights and enabling more effective decision making over time.

Our company was founded by a team of experienced data scientists and healthcare experts who are passionate about improving patient care in specialized markets. With our deep knowledge and advanced technology, we are able to provide comprehensive and reliable data to support the unique needs of these complex markets.

Complex Sampling Techniques

We use complex sampling techniques to ensure that we have sufficient data on rare cohorts to give analytical reliability. By over-sampling rare cohorts we provide insights at a level that other sources find difficult.

Unique Multinational Model

The Tudor Health data model uses an identical data-capture method in all countries. This makes the data consistent within country and comparable across countries.

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