RWE Solutions

Unlock the potential of real-world evidence (RWE) with Tudor Health’s groundbreaking RWE solutions. Our extensive approach to real-world data and evidence-based research uncovers powerful health data insights. With the support of our superior healthcare analytics, we enable deeper, more robust exploration for those at the forefront of healthcare research.

EMR-powered healthcare Insights

RWE without data use limitations

In the realm of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development, RWE and RWD play pivotal roles. Tudor Health provides an innovative solution that offers comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data for various RWE applications. This powerful tool allows healthcare professionals to access and analyze invaluable patient-level data, ensuring an informed decision-making process and driving meaningful results.

Traditionally, the use of Real-World Evidence (RWE) solutions has been restricted due to data use agreements. However, Tudor Health has pioneered a data collection and delivery model that circumvents such agreements, making our solutions expansive, agile, and adaptable to a wide range of applications including drug discovery and medication development.

A Different Approach to RWE Solutions

Tudor Health employs a unique business model that brings forward-thinking real-world data solutions to all sectors of the life science community, bridging the gap between clinical research and actual clinical practice.

Extensive Patient Data Icon

Extensive Patient Data

Access the largest panel of patients available for real-world studies, covering every disease, including rare/orphan diseases. Our reach initially extends across the EU, UK, and USA, and we’re planning to expand to up to 37 countries. This expansive dataset allows for deeper insight into the patient journey and the efficacy of various treatments.

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Agile Patient Analytics

Our unique source of real-world data ensures high specificity and comprehensive insights. With the complete patient record, including notes, our solution facilitates a deeper understanding of the patient experience and the healthcare journey.

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Advanced Applications

Tudor Health is keenly focused on broadening the application of observational data in various disease areas. Beginning with Tudor Oncology and Tudor Rare, we’re working to uncover new insights in healthcare areas like diseases where TGF-B is relevant, liver disease, and cancers associated with TP53 and HPV18.

Extensive Disease targeting

Transforming patient care across all therapy areas

Tudor Health’s roadmap encompasses all major disease areas, starting with Tudor Oncology and Tudor Rare. We leverage RWE to analyze the safety, reliability, and efficacy of treatments, aiming to transform patient care and support healthcare practitioners throughout the care continuum.

By infusing real-world outcomes into the clinical practice, we’re enabling a new era of patient care and leading the charge in the commercialization of RWE-driven healthcare solutions.

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