Tudor Health Welcomes John Elhagar

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Tudor Health is delighted to announce that data scientist John Elhagar has joined our growing team. With his arrival, we are excited to welcome fresh energy and expertise, propelling Tudor Health further on our journey toward excellence in healthcare analytics and insight.

As a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions, Tudor Health is at the forefront of the healthcare industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the way data-driven insights empower decision-making, improve patient outcomes, and enhance healthcare delivery. John’s medical knowledge and proficiency in data science will be instrumental in unlocking the potential hidden within vast EMR datasets, allowing Tudor Health to extract meaningful patterns, derive actionable insights, and develop cutting-edge AI solutions that shape the future of healthcare.

Career Bio

John graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy at the German University in Cairo. He started off his career as a pharmacist before joining Vezeeta, a leading digital healthcare platform in the MENA region.

During his 3 years experience at Vezeeta, John worked in several roles, first joining as a patient engagement specialist where he worked providing care and counselling to chronic patients using the digital pharmacy. After 3 months, he joined the marketing team, where he was in charge of patient segmentation and targeting, as well as overlooking several products across Vezeeta by launching partnerships and campaigns.

After more than a year in marketing, John joined Vezeeta’s product team as a Product Associate working on several product launches, the first was Vezeeta’s loyalty program that enhanced patient repeat KPIs. After than John oversaw the Patient Acquisition & Repeat KPIs, where he launched the Move and Earn Feature that used loyalty points to encourage customer wellbeing and significantly increased customer acquisition KPIs. In addition to this, John also took charge of the SEO at Vezeeta, where he launched Q&As initiative for content generation and driving organic traffic to the website. 

In 2023, John joined Tudor Health as a data scientist where he is working on designing automated analytics and visualization tools for longitudinal patient data as well as building AI prototypes for patient segmentation and predicting patient outcomes.

Once again, Tudor Health extends a warm welcome to John. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to witnessing the impact his skill set will have on transforming healthcare analytics. Together, Tudor Health and John will shape a future where data paves the way for healthier lives and stronger communities.

About the Author

Simon Fitall

Simon is the CEO of Tudor Health. Specialist in knowledge management with specific interest in longitudinal patient data, data capture and analysis techniques, as well as the assessment and evaluation of IP in pharma and biotech – including all stages of drug development from discovery to death of the product.

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